Miryam Copara Doty

Hi, my name is Miryam. Born in Peru, and raised in the states- I am an NJ based artist working primarily with wet mediums such as oil, acrylic and gouache. My subjects range from everyday household items, to cherished memories with my family. The overall inspirations, come from capturing moments of the everyday life, and painting objects or moments that one may not consider “interesting”.

However, I hope that through a variety of color, perspective and interesting brush marks, I can translate even the most simplest thing into a beautiful painting.

As of 2018, I have been fortunate to pursue my passion for art as a career while I stay home with my children (shout out to the husband).

Since then, I have been creating nonstop, from portraits to still life to fan art. Want a painting? Click up top to shop for some new art! Want something special? Commission me!

I also work within my community to bring the creative process to all! I wholeheartedly believe that bonding over paint with those you love is unlike anything else.

Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me 💜