Decide on your size & portrait style! Or if you’re unsure, please contact me & we can figure this out together!


Send the main photo to be painted. (photos if you want two or more combined) Include additional photos for reference, if possible, photos with different angles. Also, mention if you have a preferred background color.


It will take about 5-14 days to complete. I will send you the preview of the final design, you will let me know if it’s perfect, needs to be corrected or if I need to make any changes in general.


Once I get the OK from you, I will ship or email you the final product!

Printing does not begin until you love your portrait!


I have a really old photo, will you be able to work with it?

This is a case by case basis, but typically YES depending on the condition of the photo & if you have additional photo references for an accurate likeness.

I don’t have a picture of everyone together. Are you able to combine multiple photos?

YES. I would need the main photo for each person plus additional photos of everyone for reference.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not yet, but hope to be soon! For now, I ship all across US with free shipping on any order $50+

Can I have more than one print of my portrait?

Absolutely! Just let me know how many additional you would like, prices for additional prints vary depending on the size but will never cost as much as the original!

Do you ship as gifts?

Yes! Just please let me know before I begin the shipping process that it’s a gift & if you want to include a message.

Do these come framed?

No, frames come in so many styles, colors and vary in quality. A way I keep this affordable is by not framing the prints plus, you get to pick how much you’d like to spend on one & what style fits best in your home or office.

More questions? Message me!